TCI-710 HD Vehicle Wash & Shine Concentrate, Brushless, Biodegradable, 5 Gallons

TCI-710 H.D. is a brushless, biodegradable, phosphate free vehicle wash & shine concentrate.  Use to remove heavy encrustation of bugs, road film, lime dust, oil and grease from all types of painted surfaces, chrome, ferrous and non-ferrous metals.  Will not tarnish or dull wheels, fuel tanks, bodies, stainless steel or truck accessories.  Biodegradable and environmentally friendly, grease cutting formula for vehicle cleaning.

Directions for Use:  Premix 1-5 Gallons of concentrate to 55 Gallons of cold water.  Apply directly to the dry soiled surface.  Allow approximately 1-2 minutes reaction time then rinse in a horizontal pattern with cold water at 3000 psi at close proximity (2") from the bottom-up, then a final rinse from the top-down. 

For automatic car wash systems premix 5-10 Gallons of concentrate to 55 Gallons of tap water and allow further dilution by the existing injection system.  Provides excellent lubricity to brushes and fibers. 

For hand sponge cleaning, use 2-4 oz per Gallon of water.

$ 180.00