**ON SALE** TCI-503 HD Aluminum Cleaner/Polishing Agent, Brushless, 5 Gallons

TCI-503 H.D. is a non-etching aluminum cleaner and polish.  A new ready to use biodegradable liquid ACID/SURFACTANT formulation designed to effectively remove residual dirt, oils, road film, black welding soot, diesel edge, corrosion, and oxide films from polished and extruded aluminum metal surfaces without etching or pitting including several levels of inhibition.  Not for use on AlumaCleared® surfaces.

Directions for Use:  Spray the chemical solution from a pump up sprayer directly onto a pre-rinsed, wet, aluminum surface and have a pressure washer ready for rinsing.  Apply the TCI-503 H.D. as a spray, working your way from the bottom of the section up. Allow a 1-3 min exposure time, brushing is optional.  Wash with high pressure water (3000 psi or higher) with spray tip close to the surface. DO NOT spray directly onto a hot surface or in the sun. Please call for exact shipping cost to your location.

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