** ON SALE ** Silicone Wax Treatment Concentrate, 5 Gallons (Yields 10 Gallons)

Alumaclear's® Silicone Wax Treatment is the ultimate in protecting painted, Alumacleared®, AlumaWrapped® and raw metal surfaces, providing a silicone wax barrier between the treated surface and the elements.  Keep bugs, tar, cement, road grime, diesel soot, and other contaminants from sticking to treated surfaces for up to 2 months between applications.  Reduce your cleaning time dramatically, protect your equipment, and keep your fleet looking sharp and professional.  Spray on surface, product looks milky wet, dries clear.  Rinse once after product dries for maximum effect and beauty.  Mix 50/50 with water, 1/2 gallon makes 1 gallon of usable spray.

This formula is for All AlumaCleared® and AlumaWrapped® trailers and tanks

Usually takes 1.5 gallons mixed, to spray a 1040 dry bulk tank trailer. Apply 4 times a year minimum. 5 gallons mixed will protect a dry bulker for 6 applications or 1.5 years.

Try the pump sprayers we offer to save on material usage. 3.5 gallon, high quality, with a 24 " wide spray pattern. fast and easy. Only takes a few minutes to apply. 

Save $ per gallon and tons on shipping. 55 gallon drums are the most economical. 

$ 70.00 $ 90.00