TCI-805 HD Vinyl Graphic Remover, 18oz Spray Can

TCI-805 Vinyl Graphics Stripper is the fastest acting vinyl graphics stripper on the market today.  Spray it on, and watch the graphics fall off, it's that simple.  Safe and effective on signs, truck & trailers, buses, boats, cars, RV's, heavy equipment, etc.  Biodegradable and environmentally friendly, test in an inconspicuous area before application.

TCI-805 is a clear viscous gel of concentrated solvents in a neutral medium to achieve very fast, efficient removal of vinyl graphics.  Spray to the vinyl graphics as a gel directly from the aerosol container.  Apply a liberal amount onto the vinyl graphics surface to be removed.  Once all the vinyl graphics are covered a visible blistering occurs.  Use a sharp edged plastic scraper to remove vinyl, or use a power washer to blast the graphics off of the surface it was applied to.

$ 25.00