Does AlumaClear or AlumaWrap work on polished tanks?

AlumaClear is scientifically formulated to create a permanent bond with the aluminum surface it is applied to, therefore any polish that was used on your tank or trailer will need to be thoroughly washed off.  And since there are no activators or hardeners used, AlumaClear remains flexible and expandable so it will not flake or peel off.

What does it cost to clean an old aluminum trailer and coat it?

Prices vary depending on trailer style and condition.  We will start out by asking you to send us several pictures of your trailer via text or e-mail.  We will also need to know what the size and style of your trailer is in order to give you a quote.  Once the information is received we will work diligently to get back to you in a timely manner to meet your AlumaClear or AlumaWrap needs!

Why is my new tank streaked and stained?

We hear it all the time. Especially in the winter months, a phone call will come in from a trucking company asking how to remove streaks and stains from their brand new tank or dump trailer. Our answer is, it has been contaminated with a material or chemical that has run down the sides and probably dried to the Aluminum. This is normally a permanent issue that will need polishing to remove. Acid rain, chemicals in the air (salt and Magnesium chloride from road deicing) for example, are caustic to a new aluminum surface. Polished mirror finish or Mill finish will corrode almost on contact. We recommend several cold water rinses as often as possible during delivery to the trailers destination. Final wash with mild-mild soap and a heavy rinse from the top of the tank or dump truck body. If you have hard water you will also see water spots as the surface dries. This information is from what we see almost daily in the trucking industry. In a few cases we have seen truck washes use a cleaner that will leave streaks also. Make sure wash facilities rinse out there lines before spraying your aluminum, always.

When you order your new tank (dry bulk, petroleum tank, tanker truck, dump truck or dump trailer) advise your salesperson that you want special care in your delivery.

Order your trailer with AlumaClear or AlumaWrapp installed at the factory or near the manufacturer if at all possible. This way you will not have a problem with your aluminum streaking. If you see a nice looking aluminum trailer on the highway, its either new or has been polished recently, or it has AlumaClear or AlumaWrapp.

Protecting your Aluminum surface with wax, polish, buff on materials, etc. can be a real pain to keep up with. If you are looking for a surface to wash as if it was painted only still having the aluminum look, try AlumaClear or Alumawrapp. Tons of trucking companies have learned and accepted AlumaClear to be the choice for them.

Alumawrapp is clear sheeting that is applied to the surface of aluminum and seals out all exposure to the elements. This surface is easy to wash and maintain. With AlumaWrapp you don't have to worry about streaks or stains. It can also be waxed or silicone sprayed to help as a release agent for products being hauled like cement powder, lime, fly ash, flower, etc.

Clear coating aluminum has had a negative or poor result in the past. Many shops and companies have tried to come up with a protective coating material to do what we do. Thankfully, we have the process down to a science successfully. Pre treatment, testing, application, testing application for adhesion, warrantied. Also, life expectancy for each application. References all over the USA.

If you would like a bid on your Aluminum tank trailer or tanker truck, etc call us or email us for more info. No charge for custom bids, we offer wheel clear coating also.

Why are my aluminum wheels looking brown? Why are my Aluminum wheels looking gray? Why are my aluminum wheels loosing their shine? Why buy a DuraBright wheel? How can I keep my wheels looking like new?

 I hate to polish aluminum. We hear this everyday.

Stop polishing your aluminum. Clear coat aluminum instead. Do not acid wash Aluminum. We do not recommend aluminum brightener, only as a last resort.

We hope this information is helpful in your decisions on your next new trailer.

Questions about protecting aluminum can be sent to alumaclear@gmail.com

If you need more information on keeping your aluminum looking great, give us a call at our main office, (231)889-3264.